TAVA offers ground-breaking nutritional products that are distributed exclusively through independent product distributors. 

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TAVA independent distribution partners provide samples, product purchase options while empowering people to live healthier.

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TAVA Cares helps to ease the hardships for families of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Together we can fight.

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About TAVA
TAVA is a global network marketing company that offers health and wellness products.
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Weight Loss Products

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TAVA Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Company Overview

The company was founded by visionary and CEO, Kenny E. Lloyd, who is on a mission to change lives by helping individuals earn an additional income all while living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The name Tava translates into English as Ark. Tava was designed to be a vehicle that people can leverage during their personal storms, physical and financial storms in their lives. It is a vessel and culture designed to be a safe-haven and place of peace and restoration while people move to their new destinations.

TAVA Mission

Tava’s mission is to provide a safe and fair environment for people to exercise their gifts and talents with the goal of creating a better life for themselves and their families.

Opportunity Awaits

Join thousands and take control of your financial freedom. Learn more about boarding the ARK to a new level of success.

TAVA Cares
Our Cause
TAVA Cares about the fighter in YOU!

TAVA Cares, Inc., provides financial assistance and resources to women diagnosed with breast cancer, their caregivers and family members to help them fight against the hardships of the disease.

The organization aims to serve as a conscientious fighting companion of care doing its part to eradicate the overwhelming feelings of helplessness, anxiety, worry, and stress of breast cancer patients, caregivers and families due to financial burdens and the depletion of resources that the costs related to breast cancer treatments can cause.

Programs Include:

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